Baku's first British language school

1:1 Training

One-to-one training is an intensive way of learning, offering much greater flexibility than group training.

For this reason it is most suitable for the following types of language learners: those with specific needs (e.g. specialist work-related terminology or individual pronunciation focus); those who travel frequently and therefore cannot make a regular time each week for a group course; or those who need to learn as much as they can in as short a time frame as possible (e.g. if they are being posted abroad).

Group training

Group training is the most cost-effective way to learn a language face to face. Students have informative and enjoyable lessons, and with role plays and discussions, the students’ conversational and listening skills develop rapidly.

Language Solutions Ltd offers several different ways of organising, funding and delivering group language training. Clients can be as hands-off or as hands-on as they like.

Our experienced management team, along with our Academic Manager, and our highly qualified and dedicated instructors, can provide the highest standard of group language training in the way that works best for each individual client.

Video Conference Training

Standards-based VCT technology allows us to provide “face to face” training without the need for an instructor to travel on-site or for students to come to our premises.

 Ideal for remote locations, VCT is also suitable for shorter and more frequent lessons.  Skype can also be used where available technology is limited.

Immersion Courses

With intensive training trainees can make significant progress in a relatively short time. We work closely with trainees to structure the course according to their professional language needs.

We combine work on the core language functions and grammar with skills-based activities such as report writing and presentation skills. Intensive training is an excellent way to fast-track language skills and can be very cost effective for training staff who need to reach a particular level of competency in a short space of time.