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General English

Language Solutions has many years of experience in the provision of General English courses, specifically those leading to internationally recognised examinations.    We use the most appropriate training materials for the required course of study.   At many of our centres we utilise Interactive Whiteboards and our teachers are trained to get the most out of digital software and the related materials to make the training lively and interesting.

We can provide training directly leading to a number of well recognised examinations such as the Cambridge Main Suite examinations.  

Currently the most popular of these are the KET, PET and FCE. We can also train for CAE and CPE if requested.

KET (Key English Test)
An elementary level exam, testing the ability to deal with basic written and spoken communications.
PET (Preliminary English Test)
An intermediate level exam, testing your ability to cope with everyday written and spoken communications.
FCE (First Certificate in English)
An upper intermediate level exam - ideal if you can deal confidently with a range of written and spoken communications.

In addition to providing training one of our international centres is an accredited Cambridge examinations centre and we have also set up Cambridge examination centres for clients in Libya.   We have trained our staff up as Cambridge Oral Examiners (OEs) and we have experienced staff in the Cambridge Examinations hierarchy such as OETC (oral examiner trainer co-ordinator), CEM (examinations manager) and TL (team leader) and so we are highly experienced in both the running of examination courses and the running of examinations themselves.